Question de règle: AFV Concealment loss

J’ai posé la question suivante sur le forum Gamesquad:

 There is a British carrier concealed in a grain hex.
A german Jagdpanther enters in the hex. The carrier does nothing, trying to keep the concealment.
Can he keep the concealment?

(The concealment table says that an AFV in concealment terrain loses concealment (case A) if an infantry armed unit enters the location. The jagdpanther is not an infantry unit. And i found nothing mentioning the entry of an AFV (EXC: an AFV ends its Mph in bypass, but that’s not he case here).

The OVR flowchart says that a concealed personnel unit may try to keep concealment by passing a TC (with 7ML for dummies). But the carrier is not a personnel unit (cf definition in the index).

So we decided that the carrier can keep concealment. But we’re not sure that we were not wrong.)

Réponse de Klas Malmström: « I think you played it correctly – the Carrier can keep its concealment « 

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