A12.2 AFV concealment loss

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There is a BU russian AFV  (without vulnerable PRC) concealed in a brush hex.

A German Panther fires at it with its MG to strip its concealment, with 2FP on the IFT before taking a shot with the gun.

The concealment table and A12.2 say:
« A concealed vehicle in the LOS of a GO ennemy ground unit loses its concealment if hit on the TH table, or by at least a PTC result vs its vulnerable PRC (or its corresponding DR, on the * Vehicle line, or for OBA regardless of PRC vulnerability) on the IFT. »
I don’t understand this sentence. Does it means that to achieve a PTC result (« its corresponding DR… regardless of PRC vulnerability ») is enough, so in my example a DR of 6 (PTC on 2FP column), or does it mean that it need to roll lower/equal that the star-number of the column (so a DR of 4 or less on the 2FP column)?

 Réponse de Klas Malmström:

I think the « on the * Vehicle line » part would apply vs. a Concealed unarmored vehicle.

In your example, since the AFV has no vulnerable PRC an IFT attack vs. it cannot strip its Concealment [EXC: OBA].

Old official Q&A:
A12.2 If a Location containing a concealed AFV in LOS of a Good Order enemy ground unit is subjected to a non-ordnance attack that results in at least a PTC on the IFT, does the AFV lose its « ? »?
A. Only if the attack is OBA, and/or if the AFV is CE. [Gen26.5; An95w; An96]

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