VB1 – The Godet Hill

Godet Hill, Northwest of St Pierre-sur-Dives, France, 16th August 1944.

Operation Paddle aimed to cut the retreat path towards the Seine river for the German troops fighting in Normandy. As a part of this operation, the British 51st Highland Infantry Division was tasked with seizing Lisieux. But not only the resistance of German must be overcome for the highlanders, but also a number of small rivers. In the morning of 16th August, a bridge of the Dives was secured, and the 154th Infantry Brigade sped forward to reach the Oudon. But the leading tanks and armoured cars was greeted by a hail of fire coming from the Godet Hill standing before the river. The commanding heights must be seized until the river could be reached.

Scenarios pdf VB1 – The Godet Hill

VB2 – Probing for Hotton Bridge

Hotton, Belgium, 21 December 1944. 

The 116th Panzer was looking for a safe bridge across the Ourthe. The US setup a hasty defense with a roadblock and various supply and rear echelon troops. At 9 AM, a group of four Panthers with supporting infantry began to move towards Hotton in the mist in order to probe the US defence and if possible to secure the bridge. The Amercans waited for some reinforcements from the 3rd Armored Division.

  pdf VB2 – Probing for Hotton Bridge

VB3 – The Shooting Lodge

Karelia Isthmus, 16th April 1942.

The ‘Jatkosota’ ( « Continuation War » ) settle down into a trench warfare sparkled by minor engagement. Finnish have installed an artillery observation post in a hunting lodge on a height. From there, they direct harrassing fire on the russian positions. Soldiers of the russian 46th Infantery Division receive orders to take the hill. A platoon of T-50 tanks is supporting the attack

pdf VB3 – The Shooting Lodge

VB4 – A Providential Occurrence

Veghel, Holland, 22nd September 1944.

The 101st Airborne Division had managed to capture all the canal bridges between Grave and Eindhoven. This opened the path for the XXX Corps to reach Arnhem. Model prepared to retake the territory held by the Paratroopers. The small town of Veghel was the focal point of the only significant German effort to sever Hell’s Highway. On the morning of the 22nd September,  a reinforced Kampfgruppe attacks Veghel from the east. The only unit in Veghel was the 2nd Battalion, 501st Parachute Regiment reinforced by a number of stranded British units. Using Dutch Resistance information, General Taylor ordered the 506 Para Rgt and the 327th Glider Rgt to move towards Veghel.

pdf VB4 – A Providential Occurrence

VB5 – The french Relief

Sanok saillant, GaliciaPoland, 10th August 1944.  The 8th SS Franzose Freiwillige Sturm Brigade was formed in september 1943 with elements of the former LVF and the Milice. The first unit to be ready for combat, late July 1944, was the 1st Batallion. It was sended in Galicia to reinforce the 18th SS Panzergrenadier Division “Horst Wessel”. On August 10th, they have to relieve a unit of the Wehrmacht, which has suffered heavy losses during the Soviet offensive around Sanok. The first company, without its heavy weapons, was looking for the front line, just to discover that the Wehrmacht unit has fled away under the Soviet pressure. The French SS have to conquer their positions.

 pdf VB5 – The French Relief

VB6 Emergencies

Krasny Bor, Russia, 10th February 1943.

At the beginning of february 1943, the soviet 55th army aimed to break the vital Leningrad-Moscow Highway and to encircle the german unit in the Mga sector. The pivot point for this highway was Krasny Bor held by the 250 ID (the spanish Azul Division). After an intensive shelling of the spanish fortified positions, 44000 russian soldiers supported by 100 tanks launch the attack in the morning of the 10th.  By 10 :30 the majority of the town was in soviet hands and russian units were attacking the command post of the 262th regiment and the hospital on the southern edge of the town

pdf VB6 – Emergencies

VB7 NKVD Town Hall

Pershino, Russia, 17th July  1942.

During summer 1942, German Army Group South launched an offensive towards the Caucasus. After the river crossing, it was aiming the city of Voronej.
The Recon battlion of the 3rd Motorized Infantery Division was stopped in the town of Pershino. Russian militians belonging to a NKVD unit fired at them with a heavy machine gun from the upper levels of the town hall. 

 pdf VB7 NKVD Town Hall

VB8 Askim To Die

Askim, Norway, 13th April  1940.
The original german plan in Norway was to press forward toward Trondheim and Bergen, leaving Östfold isolated for later care. But the report of strong Norwegian troop concentrations in the Askim-Mysen area convince Falkenhorst that it was necessary to delay the northern thrust and eliminate the Norwegian troops in Östfold. The task was given to I.D. 169.
The Germans have to cross the river Glama near Askim to destroy the troops mobilizing at the Fossumströkets fortresss. On 13th April, at 05:30 the Jagdkommando Mantheys cross the Fossum bridge. At dawn, the Germans attack from the bridghead to force the Norwegian defense line at the western outskirts of the town of Askim


pdf VB8 Askim To Die


 VB9 Tragic Ball at Colombey

Somewhere in the Somme area, France, June 1940.

This scenario is not based on actual historical facts. The purpose is to create an interesting situation to play from a player’s point of view, not to try to simulate historical reality. That’s why you will not find historical datas on this scenario card, except those that present an interest for the game.

pdf VB9 Tragic Ball at Colombey


 VB10 The Agony of Doom 2

This is a remake of the famously unbalanced scenario The Agony of Doom (previously issued as A8 and republished in Beyond Valor 3 as ASL 136).

There are many changes in this new version: new mapboard (24 and 42 instead of 3 and 5), shorter time schedule (7.5 turns instead of 9) and some changes in the Orders of Battle (especially the russian one, which is increased by a powerful reinforcement group.)

So playing this one is a completely new experience if you have already played The Agony of Doom.

pdf VB10 The Agony of Doom 2


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